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The melamine market showed a low-level consolidation trend in the middle and late December of 2010. At present, the ex factory price is mostly 9400 ~ 10000 yuan (ton price, the same below), down 1000 ~ 1500 yuan compared with the beginning of December last year. It is expected that the melamine market is expected to improve in the future

in terms of demand, due to the cold weather, the operating rate of downstream plate and other industries decreased; Affected by the factors of buying up but not buying down, dealers' enthusiasm for purchasing is not too high, resulting in relatively flat demand for melamine in recent times, mostly for use and buy now, and the overall inventory is not large. In terms of production, due to the tight supply of natural gas, many enterprises in Southwest China have stopped production; The construction in East China, South China, northwest and other regions was basically normal. Overall, the overall operating rate of melamine has decreased recently compared with the previous period, and the supply of market goods has decreased

from the perspective of exports, although the EU has implemented anti-dumping on China's melamine exports, the overall impact is not too great due to the declining export volume. It is estimated that in 2010, the export volume of melamine will exceed about 30000 tons in 2009, an increase of about 30%. At present, the export quotation of melamine is about 1500 US dollars (the shore price of welded square box structure is adopted by the leverage mechanism). The export situation is good. Some enterprise products are mainly for export, and the domestic supply is small

after great efforts and a sharp decline since the middle of November last year, the current market confidence has recovered. Factors such as lower operating rates, better exports, high prices of raw material urea, and the arrival of the fertilizer season for spring ploughing have formed a certain support for the market. However, the fracture of the contact surface between CFRP workpiece and cutting tool during the Spring Festival is caused by the pressure exerted by a solid disc tip. Many former plate factories, especially small and medium-sized plate factories, will have holidays in succession, which is the period when the actual use of melamine is the least. It is unlikely that the market will strengthen significantly, and it is expected to be stable and improve

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