The MEG device of the hottest South Asia plastics

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Nanya plastics' MEG device in Mailiao is scheduled to be overhauled in September. People who deal with Nanya plastics company in Taiwan, China said on August 13 that what Nanya plastics company most desires in Mailiao, the west coast of Taiwan Island, is flexible financing channels and methods. The 50000 ton/year No. 2 MEG device will be shut down for about two weeks in September, which is consistent with the regular overhaul of raw material supplier devices

this person said: the shutdown of cracking unit means to use it as the original 2 Definition of strength: ethylene is in short supply under the action of external forces. As you know, ethylene has been in short supply in the past few months

the person said that the device may stop on September, which is known as the south central line, a joint venture between Nanya plastics company and another Taiwanese company, China man made Fiber Corporation (CMFC), with 50% shares each

the company obtained ethylene from the cracking unit of its sister company Formosa Plastics Petrochemical Company, of which the 900000 T/a unit 2 was shut down for days from September 3

700000 T/a some customized products include: after the start-up of the new production line 4, the 350000 T/a unit 3 of Nanya plastics company stopped for three weeks in July. These two sets of devices are in Mailiao

these two units are now in normal operation, but if the ethylene supply is seriously affected, 350000 T/a unit 1 may be shut down together during the regular maintenance of unit 2

South Asia plastics company is the third largest ethylene glycol producer in the world, and its sister company is Formosa Plastics USA. Due to the shutdown of Taiwan devices, the production will decrease, which is expected to drive the spot price of MEG to rise further. After the continuous shutdown of global devices, on August 10, the price of wood plastic products was US dollars/ton (China cost and freight price), up US dollars/ton from a week ago

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