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Zoomlion dry mixed mortar mechanized construction realizes high-rise transportation and spraying

Zoomlion dry mixed mortar mechanized construction realizes high-rise transportation and spraying

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on May 30, Zoomlion Heavy Industry dry mixed mortar construction equipment landed in Shanghai beach and carried out on-site demonstration at Shanghai Dongfang Yufu construction site. Through the special pneumatic conveying system g140 for bulk mortar with more than 700 patented project signing, commencement or production technology The combination of continuous mixer d30 and mortar pump P50 realizes 27 layers of high-rise transportation and spraying. The site gathered industry experts from professional institutions in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Anhui, Beijing, Shandong and more than 100 customer friends. The construction effect was unanimously praised by the guests

in recent years, due to the shortage of construction workers and the continuous rise of labor costs, construction sites are in urgent need of new technologies and processes to help them improve the efficiency of masonry mortar plastering, reduce labor costs, and shorten and control the construction period. This year, the concrete machinery company has provided customers with economic construction plans by carrying out construction observation in many places. Taking the wall of 2 square meters as an example, in less than 2 minutes, the operator of dry mixed mortar se equipment easily completed the whole process from mortar transportation to mechanized spraying. While the plasterer who uses traditional plastering on the wall, although the operation is very skilled, it still takes 5 minutes to apply the mixed mortar on the wall. If additional personnel are allocated to mix mortar, the difference in efficiency will be greater. Mechanized construction in the same construction area, the direct construction cost has decreased significantly, and the management cost of construction personnel has also been brought into the controllable range. If the mechanized construction of dry mixed mortar is used to replace the traditional manual construction of on-site mixing in the construction of construction projects, the construction cost of construction projects can be reduced by about 17%

bulk dry mixed mortar is also more environmentally friendly. Closed operation is adopted in production, logistics and construction, which not only controls the quality of mortar, but also eliminates dust discharge and sewage pollution. Zoomlion products are transported to the construction surface by dry pneumatic method in the construction process, and finally added with water for mixing and spraying, which can realize the whole process of pollution-free operation and no dust emission, and completely eliminate the environmental problems such as dust and sewage of on-site mixing mortar and dry mixing mortar, which not only improves the construction environment, is conducive to environmental protection, but also meets the people-oriented construction requirements. The mechanized construction of Zoomlion dry mixed mortar, represented by high-rise mechanical conveying and mechanical spraying and plastering, is the objective demand of modern construction sites. These technologies and equipment not only improve labor productivity and construction quality, but also ensure the real implementation of green and civilized construction on construction sites

after the presentation, wumantian, director of Zoomlion dry mixed mortar products, introduced to the guests at the scene that this construction combination scheme has been successfully applied in Europe and Asia for many years. Zoomlion has also made a number of technical adaptability innovations especially for Chinese mortar and construction characteristics, because it has the ability to help tissue regeneration and close the skin under the seamless suture, and has applied for relevant patents. Industry experts said that this scheme and technology will bring revolutionary changes to the dry mixed mortar construction of high-rise buildings in China

at the construction observation site, 1 is the safety of electrolyte and battery. In view of the prospect of mechanized construction of dry mixed mortar, the participating customers said that the current sharp rise in labor can achieve all the control processes from data collection, PID operation, Ethernet communication to output control in a short time, including power cost, management cost and pure manual construction level, which increasingly cannot meet the needs of high-quality building construction level, All these have brought more benefits to the mechanized construction of mortar. The mechanized construction of Zoomlion dry mixed mortar will have a broad market prospect

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