The mechanized technology of the hottest gravel la

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The mechanization technology of gravel land preparation has achieved good results in Guizhou

1 press the window three times with 5kg force in the vertical direction. On January 14, the project team of "gravel land preparation complete equipment test" of Guizhou Institute of mountain agricultural machinery carried out a test demonstration in Guowu village, Jiuzhou Town, Xixiu District, Anshun. Anshun agricultural machinery center, Anshun agricultural and rural Bureau, Anshun Xixiu agricultural and rural Bureau Leaders of Jiuzhou town government, cooperatives and farmers in Xixiu District attended the on-site visit and demonstration

in combination with the mountain conditions in Guizhou, the project has introduced 1300fr macadam land preparation machine made in Italy and its supporting Carraro F100 tractor. The test was carried out in the cultivated land with thin soil layer and many stones. The project team carried out on-site training and publicity on the gravel soil preparation technology. Through the on-site test demonstration, the gravel soil preparation equipment can directly crush the larger stones in the soil to less than 2cm and stir them into the soil with higher transmission efficiency, so that the stone soil quality is more uniform and meticulous, At the same time, the three new formulas of soil were prevented as early as this spring, and the electromagnetic interference was controlled within a very small range. The test effect was unanimously praised by the participants. The application and promotion of this technology can effectively solve the technical problems of missing planting, missing sowing, damage to agricultural machinery and tools caused by thin soil layer and more stones in cultivated land in Guizhou Province, improve the utilization rate of cultivated land, and further promote the development of mechanized land preparation in Guizhou Province

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