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Yuchai piloted the Silk Road and ventured into five continents. The national strategy of "the Belt and Road" is both an opportunity and a challenge

in China, "Yuchai machine, green power" resounded from north to south, and "Yuchai phenomenon" shocked Jiuzhou in China. With the continuous efforts of Yuchai people, Yuchai has climbed mountains one after another, won the laurels of the market one after another, and jumped from a small farm tool factory to China's largest internal combustion engine production base. Decades of wind and rain have made Yuchai's wings more plump and vigorous; The journey of decades has made Yuchai's footsteps more firm and steady

golden iron horse set sail to sea

at the beginning of the war on the domestic market, Yuchai went abroad, and the dream of sailing to the world came naturally when the ships equipped with Yuchai products sailed in the rivers and fishing grounds of Southeast Asia

the world is so big, how to see it? Looking around for a week, seeking truth from facts, Yuchai set two regions as the breakthrough points: the land breakthrough point is Southeast Asia, and the sea breakthrough point is Latin America. In 1997, Yuchai sounded the clarion call to enter the overseas market, and established Vietnam office and Central South America Office in Vietnam and Central America. These two regional markets developed rapidly and became the base of Yuchai to explore the overseas market. Since then, in order to accelerate the development of overseas regional markets, Yuchai has successively established offices in Russia, Egypt, Thailand, India, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Myanmar and other countries, as well as Central Asia and Europe from 2006 to 2016. So far, Yuchai's overseas marketing network has taken shape, and Yuchai's development of overseas markets has begun to write a new chapter

great achievements have been made in opening up territory

Yuchai's overseas market development has added a strong mark to the overall development of the company

in Vietnam, before 2005, the annual sales volume of Yuchai machines was only a few hundred, and the annual sales volume in 2005 was only about 1000; By 2009, the annual entry volume exceeded 10000; By 2015, the annual import volume was nearly 20000, a record high. Today, Yuchai has more than 110000 units in Vietnam

in Central America, Yuchai seized the market opportunity of refitted vehicles and set a record of more than 10000 self operated agent exports in a single year. Today, Yuchai has more than 30000 units in Central America

in Myanmar, before 2010, only a few dozen units entered each year; After 2014, the annual entry volume was more than 5000 units, creating the fastest growth record of Yuchai's overseas market. Today, Yuchai has more than 29000 units in Myanmar market

in Saudi Arabia, Yuchai has repeatedly won the first prize in the school bus bidding project of the local government; More than 90% of the Chinese buses running on Saudi roads are equipped with Yuchai power. Today, Yuchai Saudi Arabia has more than 20000 units

in the Philippines, the bus market is highly open, and all bus factories are close to each other. Since 2011, Yuchai machine has become the preferred power for end users and bus factories. Today, Yuchai Philippines has more than 16000 units


during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Yuchai imported more than 160000 units overseas, an increase of more than 53% compared with the 11th five year plan. Recently, 2000 buses equipped with Yuchai yc6gn natural gas engine arrived in Yangon, Myanmar in batches, becoming the latest gains of Yuchai products in the ASEAN market. Two months ago, 600 Ankai A9 high-end buses equipped with Yuchai yc6mk engines were sold to Saudi Arabia. Yuchai innovated the service mode, seized the opportunity of the "the Belt and Road" construction, re arranged the overseas market, and detected the remaining height or deformation of the spring; It can also set the remaining height and large amount of deformation, and the overseas market has achieved contrarian growth. In 2016, the overseas market entry of Yuchai engine reached 43000 units, and in the first half of 2017, it reached 24000 units, an increase of 4.6% year-on-year. Whether in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, or Latin America; Whether it is a traditional regional market or a potential emerging market, Yuchai continues to make efforts, and the territory of overseas markets continues to expand

plan for the Silk Road to carry forward the past and forge ahead

at present, Yuchai has 10 offices and 3 stationed institutions along the "the Belt and Road", and has developed nearly 150 overseas service agents in 41 countries around the world, with a cumulative overseas market entry of more than 360000 units. Its products cover five continents and more than 170 countries and regions around the world, and are mainly sold in countries and regions along the "the Belt and Road", as well as in the truck market in Vietnam and Myanmar The passenger car markets of the Philippines and Saudi Arabia have formed obvious competitive advantages

through its early layout, Yuchai completed the preliminary construction of overseas marketing service network, laying a solid foundation for the next step of market development. In the wave of "the Belt and Road" construction, the competition in the overseas market is more intense. Yuchai will increase investment in the overseas market and enhance competition. Member of Bayer Materials Technology Implementation Committee and global head of sustainable development; (1 on the left) Dr. Christian Haessler's advantages. On the one hand, continue to build and improve the marketing network, establish new institutions in potential markets with rapid development in Central Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America, and add new personnel in new market segments of traditional markets in Southeast Asia, so as to explore and deeply tap markets and promote the coordinated development of regional markets. On the other hand, we should further improve the overseas service support capacity, and set up corresponding parts center libraries and service training centers in Vietnam, Myanmar, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Central America according to market conditions, so as to effectively ensure that after-sales services meet the requirements of the rapid development of overseas markets. At the same time, Yuchai will focus on promoting the development of overseas refitting and overseas local supporting markets, and enhance the brand influence of Yuchai in overseas local markets. In the future, Yuchai will also carry out its experiments by setting up overseas companies and overseas joint ventures. Its speed can reach 0.001mm/min ⑴ 000mm/min. It will gradually shift from product sales to technology output, and finally realize internationalization

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