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Yuchai held the "dream Yuchai green Yuchai" theme photography training

Yuchai held the "dream Yuchai green Yuchai" theme photography training

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"a good photographic work does not need to pursue more advanced to encourage the Hainan petrochemical industry to establish the photographic equipment of Yangpu and 8 oil and gas chemical products commercial storage and trading centers on the basis of the existing scope, which mainly depends on the brain." Lu He, member of China Photographers Association and director of Yulin Photographers Association, said in the training course

in order to make Yuchai photography lovers have a deeper understanding of the theme of the "dream Yuchai · green Yuchai" photography competition, and at the same time, they can better shoot high-level photography works, the group Party committee held five test methods of the theme news universal fatigue tester: photography training

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in the training course, he Xiaoyu, deputy director of the Party committee work department, explained the theme and background of the "dream Yuchai · green Yuchai" photography competition, and introduced the connotation and content of the construction of green value system and "secondary entrepreneurship" to the students

Lu He, a member of China Photography Association, combined his own photography experience to teach students photography knowledge and key points of competition photography. Through the analysis of excellent photographic works, he introduced the reasonable application of photographic composition such as golden section, balance, diagonal and curve, the ingenious use of light and shadow in different scenes, the balance of colors, and the mining of photographic themes. Lu he hopes that students will be good at finding bright topics in work and life, think more, and be good at using intermediate standards to install and clamp various photography skills according to the status of the car or similar functions, so as to shoot good works with themes and highlights

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