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Yuchai has won a good reputation for advocating and fulfilling the society

Yuchai has won a good reputation for advocating and fulfilling the society

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Guide: under the guidance of the core concept of green development, harmony and win-win results, Yuchai is committed to energy conservation and emission reduction, developing a green economy, being an excellent corporate citizen, actively infiltrating culture into suppliers, and spreading social awareness among suppliers. Some suppliers advocate Fulfill the social responsibility to

under the guidance of the core concept of "green development, harmony and win-win results", Yuchai is committed to energy conservation and emission reduction, developing a green economy, and being an excellent corporate citizen. At the same time, it actively infiltrates culture into suppliers and spreads social awareness among suppliers' enterprises. Some suppliers have highly affirmed Yuchai's advocacy and performance of society

- "Yuchai has invested a lot of human, material and financial resources in the development of environmental protection products, which is caused by a sense of society."

Wang Xiaodong, deputy general manager of Bosch Automotive Diesel System Co., Ltd.: as a heavyweight enterprise in China's diesel engine industry, Yuchai has been committed to building a first-class supply chain in recent years. It is a great honor for Bosch to become a member of Yuchai's supply system. Bosch and Yuchai have established a good cooperation mechanism. Every year, the senior management of the two enterprises hold a cooperation forum or summit to jointly plan the future of both sides. In addition, there are many different levels of communication and exchanges between the two enterprises, so that the planning between the high-level can be implemented. As a foreign-funded enterprise, Bosch has benefited a lot from its contacts with Yuchai. The rapid development of Yuchai has provided us with a very good platform. The two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly plan products and markets. Bosch hopes to continue to work with Yuchai to develop products suitable for market demand according to market requirements, so as to provide Yuchai with stronger support

over the past year, the joint technological research of Yuchai and Bosch has been fruitful, and they have developed a variety of high-quality new products that can meet the needs of the Chinese market. The cooperation between the two sides has achieved very good results

for the diesel engine industry, environmental protection is the most important aspect of an enterprise's society. Yuchai has launched products with high emission standards in the leading industry, advocated energy conservation and environmental protection, and manufactured green products. This concept has guided Yuchai to develop rapidly. Yuchai has invested a lot of human, material and financial resources in the development of environmental protection products, which is a social demand of 300-400); If TPU will feel it. Yuchai, as an enterprise, spontaneously considers environmental protection issues, not just for profit. In this regard, Bosch and Yuchai are on the same front, and Bosch also puts the concept of environmental protection as the company's value concept in the first place. Bosch has been striving to fulfill the social responsibility by manufacturing high-quality environment-friendly products. Of course, in addition to developing energy-saving and environmental protection products and implementing green manufacturing, Bosch is as enthusiastic about public welfare activities as Yuchai, and often does what it can for the society and the masses

- "the green concept advocated by Yuchai's product R & D and manufacturing meets the requirements of the current 'low carbon economy' development model that is hotly discussed all over the world."

chenqifu, project management director of Honeywell auto parts service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.: This is the third time I have attended the supplier conference of Yuchai, and I am very educated and encouraged every time. The performance of Honeywell is closely related to the development of Yuchai, and the fate of Honeywell is closely related to Yuchai. Yuchai can develop at a speed that exceeds the market development every year, which fully shows the correctness of Yuchai's strategic development ideas and cultural concepts, as well as Yuchai's competitiveness. Yuchai's development plan for the next few years is very ambitious, and we are very encouraged. Honeywell will give full play to its advantages in technology, equipment and management, actively cooperate with Yuchai, and make contributions to the development of Yuchai's subsequent typing and copying of various specified experimental curves and test reports

Yuchai's procurement work is improving every year. From the situation in the past two years, we feel the change in Yuchai's work philosophy, that is, we have fully implemented the concept of "fairness, justice, excellence and efficiency" put forward by Chairman Yan Ping in our work

Yuchai has many aspects that we should learn from. One of them is that Yuchai not only pays attention to business performance, but also attaches great importance to social performance. This is reflected in the comprehensive products of Yuchai, which can meet the needs of more users; In addition, the green concept advocated by Yuchai's product R & D and manufacturing meets the requirements of the current global hot "low-carbon economy" development model, and has made contributions to improving the human living environment

- "when we enjoy the green environment and fresh air, we will remember the green power of Yuchai."

sagara Dazhi, head of Heavy Vehicle Sales Department of NGK (Suzhou) environmental protection Ceramics Co., Ltd.: Yuchai is an internationally renowned diesel engine giant, which is not only in a leading position in terms of enterprise scale and technical level. In recent years, under the advocacy and leadership of chairman Yan Ping, Yuchai took the lead in advocating the concept of green power in China. Advocate that enterprises should not only pursue benefits, but also pay attention to society. Enterprises are social enterprises, and society is also an important part of enterprise products. We can see that under the leadership of chairman Yan Ping, Yuchai spent a lot of money to successfully develop the national 4 and 5 engines in China, which is the embodiment of the green enterprise spirit of being responsible for society and making contributions to environmental protection. From Yuchai's attention and investment in society, we can see the style and mind of Yuchai as an enterprise. NGK is an internationally renowned enterprise focusing on engine exhaust after treatment. The ceramic carriers for gasoline and diesel exhaust after treatment produced by us account for about 45% of the global market. Our high-quality and efficient ceramic carriers make contributions to protecting the environment and reducing the environmental pollution caused by engine exhaust every year, so that people can enjoy a comfortable life and protect our earth at the same time

no matter how good the product is, if it is not applied, it is equal to none. Therefore, we are very glad to form a strategic alliance with Yuchai, an internationally renowned enterprise that advocates green power and pays attention to product society, so that we can make a contribution to environmental protection. Yuchai is developing towards a green enterprise. I believe that in a few years, when we enjoy a green environment and fresh air, everyone will remember Yuchai power, an internationally renowned enterprise that advocates green power and pays attention to product society, and will not forget that it is chairman Yan Ping, a new generation of entrepreneurs who pay attention to society, who has given us such a harmonious and livable environment

- "I have a special preference for Yuchai culture."

Zheng Feixiang, chairman of Ningbo Flemish Auto Parts Co., Ltd.: after last year's supplier conference, we invested a lot this year because we gained confidence, especially the principle of "who develops will benefit" put forward at the conference, which gives our suppliers great encouragement. Now some suppliers around me are rushing to develop new products, and they are willing to invest. The effect of the supplier conference is obvious, because it can convey confidence to suppliers. As far as I know, many suppliers attach great importance to the supplier conference of Yuchai, and the top leaders of many suppliers give priority to attending the meeting of Yuchai. In order to attend this meeting, a supplier came back from Germany. He said that so many senior leaders came to the meeting and couldn't miss it

as far as I know, Yuchai has been actively fulfilling the social responsibility for many years and has invested in the construction of many hope schools. Recently, for example, in the Wenchuan earthquake, Yuchai organized service personnel to go deep into the disaster area to provide on-site maintenance service guarantee for disaster relief equipment, mobilized internal staff to actively donate money to help the people in the disaster area tide over the difficulties, donated power products, engineering machinery and other support for the construction of the disaster area, allocated special funds for the construction of hope schools in the disaster area, and so on

Yuchai also strongly advocates green environmental protection, which is ahead of its domestic counterparts. When other enterprises are producing country 2 products, Yuchai took the lead in realizing the batch production of country 3 products. When others are testing country 3, Yuchai's country 4 products are released again, as well as hybrid and natural gas powered products. At present, Yuchai's product research and development level has brought confidence to extruder enterprises to keep pace with international advanced enterprises. Yuchai strives for technological leadership, which in fact reflects a social consciousness, a consciousness of consciously fulfilling the society and actively returning to the society. Why did Yuchai apply for 69 patents in 2014 and develop so fast? So big? I think this is because Yuchai is actively fulfilling the social obligations. In this way, the society naturally gives Yuchai rewards

I have a special preference for Yuchai culture. After comparing with several domestic peer enterprises, I think Yuchai's corporate culture can lead enterprises to the future. Therefore, I decided to fully connect with Yuchai, learn Yuchai's corporate culture, and do what I should do for myself and for Yuchai's future development. Yuchai's employees are very dedicated and passionate. They work overtime during mass production without complaining. They eat in the factory and sleep in the factory. They don't stop until they reach their goals; The staff sent by Yuchai to the supplier are dedicated, dutiful and resolute, making the supplier feel secure. Yuchai has an employee who is in the hospital for infusion due to illness, but he asks his wife to help carry the medicine bottle and take the train to the supplier to solve the problem. This is the characteristic of Yuchai culture, which makes the development of Yuchai full of strength

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