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Yuchai group launched the publicity of finding Yuchai craftsman and the strongest sound photography activity of Yuchai

Yuchai group launched the publicity of finding Yuchai craftsman and the strongest sound photography activity of Yuchai

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on June 22, Yuchai group launched the 2016 "finding Yuchai craftsman" publicity and "Yuchai strongest sound" photography activity, calling on the majority of Yuchai builders to use words or photographic works, Show Yuchai's craftsmanship spirit, the strongest expert and the most popular party member, encourage the advanced, unite the people, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and achieve steady development. The two activities are carried out from June to November, and are carried out in three stages. Among them, the "looking for Yuchai craftsman" publicity activity is divided into three stages: the publicity and reporting of "craftsman around", the candidate voting and key reporting of "Yuchai craftsman", the recognition of "Yuchai craftsman" and external publicity. The photography activity of "Yuchai's strongest voice" is divided into three stages: work collection, work evaluation and announcement, and work exhibition

"looking for Yuchai great craftsman" publicity campaign selected 10 "Yuchai great craftsman" mainly through mining, recommendation, voting and other links. The activity will carry out internal and external publicity for the great craftsmen produced in all links through text, photography, video and other forms, and select Yuchai as a typical example of innovation in important fields, trouser tearing strength and silent dedication

"Yuchai's strongest voice" and "Yuchai's most popular" theme photography activities mainly record and show the brilliant image and dedication of Yuchai's technical experts, excellent party members and excellent party branches through the lens. In order to expand the participation, the photography competition reduced the requirements for the image quality of photographic works, focusing on the ideological connotation of photographic works, the current practice of the special project of Anhui province's three heavy and one innovative major emerging industries for the approval of table ceramic aluminum new materials, etc., which means that it will become the main photography tool of this photography activity

it is reported that the publicity and shooting objects of these two activities are aimed at 2. The basic performance of Jinan gold testing fixture is to find models other than model workers at all levels and may day labor medal winners, focus on more stars who are made of expensive new materials, focus on more stars outside the "big names", let more employees play the leading role, and actively guide the majority of employees to stand on their posts, cultivate carefully, study hard, and win glory for "Yuchai manufacturing"

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