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Yuchai group won the "China outstanding enterprise society Award"

Yuchai group won the "China outstanding enterprise society Award"

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on January 25, the "light of morality - China outstanding enterprise society award ceremony and 2014 Guangxi integrity and moral model enterprise commendation party" jointly hosted by the entrepreneur society, Guangxi Society of social ethics and Culture Research Association and other units was held in Nanning, Guangxi, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd. won the "outstanding enterprise society Award", and Yanping, chairman of the board of directors of Yuchai group, Gu tangsheng, President of Yuchai group, and Wu Qiwei, general manager of Yuchai Co., Ltd. won the "outstanding entrepreneur Society Award" respectively

Yuchai group attaches great importance to corporate social work. In accordance with the core themes and relevant contents determined by ISO26000, it continues to promote the measurement system of organizational governance, human rights, employees, environment, operations, customers and community deformation, and truthfully discloses it in the annual corporate social report. In 2014, Yuchai group began to build Yuchai's green value system and systematically promote the healthy and sustainable development of Yuchai from three aspects: green industry, green operation and green life. At present, these service capabilities are provided by partners respectively. It participated in China's "Golden Bee 2020 social initiative" activity, issued and implemented the "low carbon - Green smart manufacturing" project, and promoted green research and development, green manufacturing Green marketing, circular remanufacture and reuse, and smart manufacturing of green products, so as to ensure that all links in the whole life cycle of the engine achieve the green low-carbon goal and create green value. At the same time, Yuchai group has actively participated in social public welfare undertakings, and has done a lot of voluntary deeds in earthquake relief, donating funds to help students, caring for the weak and helping the poor, supporting righteous deeds, carrying forward good social morality, adopting a customized and modified model, developing material ethics, volunteer action, volunteer service, etc., setting a model for Guangxi enterprises to take the initiative to undertake society

it is understood that this selection activity was launched in August 2013. By the end of December 2014, more than 360 enterprises across the country participated in the selection of social awards. Finally, 32 enterprises won the "entrepreneur China outstanding social Award", and 31 entrepreneurs were rated as "China outstanding social entrepreneurs"

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