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Yuchai implements "maintenance instead of repair" to create a tripartite win-win model

Yuchai implements "maintenance instead of repair" to create a tripartite win-win model

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the engine is the "heart" of the car. Regular maintenance can improve the reliability of the engine, extend the service life of the engine and reduce the use cost. For a long time, most domestic engine users have not formed a good habit of engine maintenance, or do not go to a regular repair shop for maintenance, or buy their own oil for maintenance. These behaviors have caused great damage to the performance and service life of the engine

at the beginning of this year, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yuchai) launched an activity to guide users' engine maintenance habits - "maintenance instead of repair", hoping to enhance users' awareness of engine maintenance through this activity and bring tangible benefits to Yuchai users

the need for product transformation and upgrading

at present, the haze problem across the country is becoming more and more serious, and the state attaches great importance to it. Previously, Premier Li Keqiang clearly pointed out in the government work report that the national four standard vehicle diesel will be supplied throughout the country in 2014, accelerating the process of implementing the national four standard. On April 23, the industrial policy department of the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the Announcement No. 27 of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, which stipulates that the announcement on diesel vehicle products applicable to the third phase of the national automobile emission standard (hereinafter referred to as national III) will be abolished on December 31, 2014, and the national III diesel vehicle products will not be sold from January 1, 2015

the national three standards of diesel vehicle products have been upgraded to the national four standards. The engine products have been upgraded, and the maintenance requirements of the engine are higher. Under this background, Yuchai decided to launch the "maintenance instead of repair" activity and advocated that the components with green structure can coordinate the development of working color. According to zhouhuixiong, deputy director of Yuchai customer service center, Yuchai had the idea of launching the event two years ago, but the conditions were not mature at that time. At present, Yuchai is facing the opportunity of product transformation and upgrading from national three to national four. At the same time, other enterprises in the engine industry are also planning to launch similar activities. The launch of Yuchai's "maintenance instead of repair" activity is at the right time

Zhou Huixiong said that this "cost pressure directly affects the maintenance of power batteries" activity has two purposes: first, to guide users to form a correct awareness of engine maintenance and develop good maintenance habits; The second is to improve the inbound maintenance rate of each service station through activities and establish the link between users and service stations. Users' participation in the activity of "maintenance instead of repair" has improved the performance and reliability of the engine and reduced the use cost of the engine in the long run. "The activity of 'replacing maintenance with maintenance' can not only improve users' understanding of engines in essence, but also promote the switching of energy-saving and environmental friendly engines." Songyibin, director of Yuchai Sichuan Office, told the author, "in addition, the maintenance at Yuchai's regular service station, with the support of professional technicians, can better eliminate engine faults and potential problems."

"3+2 5" user feedback is good

it is understood that the "maintenance instead of repair" activity is mainly aimed at vehicle users (except bus users) who purchase and install Yuchai vehicle engines from January 1 to December 31, 2014. The deadline of the activity is December 31, 2015. During this period, the users who purchase the supporting Yuchai vehicle engine, after the first maintenance, the users regularly use Yuchai lubricating oil and Yuchai original accessories through the Yuchai service station to carry out engine maintenance for three times as required, and they can enjoy the maintenance jointly borne by Yuchai and the service station, which is referred to as "3+2". Yuchai hopes that through this "maintenance instead of repair" activity, users can get "3+25" benefits

manager Gong, the service manager of Yuchai Sichuan Office, told the author that the office conveyed the activities to its subordinate service stations through working email, group and SMS, and asked them to hang the banner of "Yuchai 'maintenance instead of repair' 3+2 feedback customer activity" during the period before the activity, which was introduced in many articles, And publicize the maintenance policy of the activity to users when carrying out business, and distribute Yuchai "maintenance instead of repair" maintenance activity publicity materials

the author learned from Yuchai customer service center that many Yuchai users participated in the "maintenance instead of repair" activity, and believed that users could get real discounts because of the high level of technicians and guaranteed oil quality. At the same time, users also expressed their hope to the service station that the staff can continue to maintain such a high level of service and high-quality products, and expected Yuchai to carry out more activities that benefit users

Zhou Huixiong said that the "maintenance instead of repair" activity has been implemented for more than two months since its launch on January 1 this year. Judging from the current situation, Yuchai users have successively participated. Yuchai paid a lot of cost for this activity, and the overall activity condition was better than expected to ensure the good operation of the impact testing machine. In addition, the interaction of "maintenance instead of repair" has an obvious promoting effect on the service stations of Yuchai, and the enthusiasm of the staff has been significantly improved, strengthening the connection between users and Yuchai service stations

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