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The four steps of brand protection in packaging design

brand protection plans usually have different purposes, including control, containment, capture, prosecution or the integration of several. Enterprises must consider a number of factors to choose from, such as the seriousness of the problem and the company's business philosophy, among which the regional cultural differences must be taken into account when clicking the system Exit menu. If companies want to control the phenomenon of fake and shoddy products, they should choose to establish a detection system to help consumers choose real products from the mixed products in the market. Proceeding from this goal, we can eliminate counterfeit products, protect the reputation of enterprises, and control the entry of counterfeit products into the market

if our goal is to curb a series of illegal acts such as counterfeiting and transfer, we must improve the difficulty of brand goods. If the product is very easy to counterfeit, many people will try it, but if it is very difficult, they will choose other ways to make profits

if the phenomenon of counterfeiting is not very serious, control or containment is the preferred effective strategy. Without spending a lot of money, they can convey to the market that the company is protecting its products, stabilize the information of consumers, and solve the problem. The method of control or containment can also help manufacturers find more serious problems earlier

if the phenomenon of counterfeiting your products has become very common, the company must adopt more advanced methods, especially uneven distribution, to catch the counterfeiters, treat them as market competitors, and eliminate them

you can choose markers that are generally used for research or court evidence. Some enterprises in China adopt this kind of relatively active servo valve, which can lead to litigation. What is the servo valve of microcomputer screen hydraulic universal experimental machine? The strategy is to warn those counterfeiters that they can sue at any time to maintain their brand image. Whether the offenders can be caught and prosecuted mainly depends on the relevant laws of the country

Step 5: implement

once a certain strategy is decided, the brand holder will be one step ahead of the counterfeiter. As a part of value-added, WBS has many ready-made first-hand brand protection technologies. Among them, the commonly used ones include:

◆ safety matrix

◆ safety design

◆ safety ink

◆ digital watermark

◆ packaging, ink, label or product mark

◆ ovd/holography

◆ safety printing

◆ various intelligent packaging

all brand protection technologies are best considered when new products are launched, Because early adoption can help brand owners save money and time. On the other hand, for existing brand products, changing packaging design, adding packaging matrix or mixing several different safety technologies all require in-depth communication and sufficient technical evaluation input from all parties to ensure consumers' trust in products


a product with a good brand has strong communication skills, which makes it stand out from all kinds of products in the market

by protecting brands, manufacturers can stabilize consumers' information, which is a very worthwhile investment now or in the future

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