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Emergency management department: four major problems of local prevention and resolution of major safety risks are prominent

on the 12th, it was learned from the emergency management department that the emergency management department recently inspected nearly 200 enterprises and key units in high-risk industries such as hazardous chemicals and coal mines, found more than 680 hidden dangers of various problems, ordered 8 enterprises to stop production and business, and imposed an administrative penalty of 1.82 million yuan

the inspection team found that there are four prominent problems in preventing and resolving major safety risks in all regions -

aimed at further strengthening exchange and communication on the development of the global plastic industry

the problem of hot government and cold enterprise is still prominent. Some enterprises are not conscious and proactive enough in the special actions mobilized and deployed by government departments. Some enterprises are "decreasing layer by layer" and "discounting in disguised form" for the relevant work deployment of the government, and there are problems such as weak pertinence of work measures, poor operability, insufficient emergency preparedness and so on. Moth resistant; Wood flour used for wood plastics includes wood flour

the lack of management in some enterprises is still prominent. The concept of safety development in some enterprises is not firm, and the idea of "emphasizing efficiency and neglecting safety" has not been completely changed, and the safety management of some enterprises is in vain

some grass-roots governments and departments still have prominent problems of false style and loose supervision. Gb/t 90.2 (2) 002 fastener acceptance inspection, marking and packaging some grass-roots governments and departments "ignore" the deployment of higher authorities. Some grass-roots governments and departments "fail to grasp the key points" in carrying out special treatment, fail to understand the special treatment deployed by the higher authorities, confuse special treatment with general law enforcement inspection, and fail to focus on the detection and rectification of major potential risks used by enterprises for this series of gas springs

new risks and old problems in some industries are still prominent. For example, the second inspection team, together with the relevant departments of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, conducted an in-depth inspection on the fishery safety work in Hainan Province and found that the safety risk of fishing vessels operating in the South China Sea was high. In addition, the regulatory responsibilities of fisheries, maritime affairs, cultural tourism and other departments are not clear. The Fisheries Department can only punish fishing vessels that carry passengers in violation of regulations on the grounds that the crew members do not have certificates to work, with little effect

the relevant person in charge of the emergency management department said that in view of the problems found in the inspection, the inspection teams have put forward rectification requirements and suggestions to the local government and relevant departments on site

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