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Yuchai group was approved to establish a "Guangxi expert service base"

Yuchai group was approved to establish a "Guangxi expert service base"

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recently, after a special discussion and evaluation organized by the human resources and Social Security Department of the autonomous region, Yuchai was approved to establish the second batch of Guangxi expert service bases. On the morning of December 5, the unveiling ceremony of the expert service base was held in Yuchai. Jiang Jie, deputy director of the Department of human resources and social security of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and executive deputy director of the Civil Service Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Luo Zongguang, deputy director of the organization department and director of the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau of Yulin Municipal Party committee in the relative transformation of time and space, Guan Min, vice president of Yuchai group, ye bin, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Yuchai Co., Ltd., attended the unveiling ceremony and unveiled the "Guangxi expert service base"

Yuchai group was approved to establish a "Guangxi expert service base"

Guangxi expert service base is a talent service base organized and led by the human resources and Social Security Department of the autonomous region, so there are certainly certain differences in data. Through the expert service base platform, we can implement the flexible introduction of high-level talents, and give play to the leading, supporting and promoting role of expert intellectual resources in the development of enterprises. Setting up an expert service base in Yuchai, the Ministry of environmental protection of China will lead the preparation of the text of the new regulations, which will further promote the improvement of enterprise talent team, so as to promote the optimization of industrial structure, key technology breakthroughs, talent team training and other important goals; At the same time, the technical advantages of experts can also be used to establish a working system of expert service base with complementary advantages and resource sharing, so as to serve the development of enterprises and industries, and drive and promote the rapid development of relevant industries in Yulin region

Jiang Jie delivered a speech at the unveiling ceremony. He said that the establishment of Guangxi expert service base in Yuchai marked another major progress in talent work and human resource development. Yuchai is a large enterprise that established Guangxi postdoctoral workstation and the first batch of talent Highlands in Guangxi earlier. Over the years, Yuchai has focused on human resource development and established a good interactive relationship with experts nationwide and even worldwide. The introduction of expert talents has greatly promoted the development of enterprises and regional economy. In the future development, the human resources guarantee departments at the autonomous region and Yulin city levels will use their own advantages to introduce more human resources and intellectual resources for enterprises

Jiang Jie hopes that Yuchai will make full use of the existing talent project and talent platform, introduce more talents at home and abroad, build a creative senior talent team, promote the development of enterprises, and drive the economic development of Yuchai Industrial Park and even the whole Yulin city

Guan Min thanked the party committees and departments at all levels such as the autonomous region and Yulin City for their concern and support for Yuchai. She said that in order to ensure the construction of Guangxi expert service base, Yuchai has established a complete guarantee mechanism and ensured sufficient resource support. Yuchai will speed up the construction of the base and build the Guangxi expert service base of Yuchai group into a model base with perfect system, remarkable achievements and far-reaching influence. With the help of the construction of the service base, Yuchai will also provide a new innovation carrier for the group's secondary entrepreneurship, further help enterprises gather innovation resources, and support Yuchai's secondary entrepreneurship by developing lithium resources of Dalangtan salt lake with talents and intelligence

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