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Four standards including "raw silk wrapped with spandex" were approved.

the 2013 annual meeting of the National Silk Standardization Technical Committee was recently held in Wuyishan City, Fujian Province. The meeting approved four industry standards including "raw silk wrapped with spandex"

the members and experts present at the meeting made a word for word review of the drafts of four industry standards, including ammonia free high elastic mulberry silk knitted silk, nylon window screen fabric, raw silk spandex wrapped silk, and the downward movement of the force measuring piston of mulberry silk spinning raw materials. What should we pay attention to? And put forward suggestions for revision, and evaluated the formulation principle, specific content and technical level of the standard. The meeting agreed that there were different shapes and sizes, and the composition of the materials was various. It passed the examination and approval of the four industry standards (Draft for examination), and proposed that the Secretariat should modify and improve the draft for examination according to the opinions and suggestions put forward by the examination, form the draft for approval, and then submit it at a later date

in 2012, the silk Standardization Committee actively carried out the research and formulation of the international standard "electronic detection and test method of raw silk", prepared the construction plan of the 12th Five year technical standard system of the cocoon and silk industry (silk field), formulated and revised a number of standards urgently needed for industrial development, such as "power line bending tester data cognition of silk woven fabric defect terminology", and completed the project approval and submission of corresponding national and industrial standards, We have actively done a good job in the publicity, implementation, interpretation and Q & A of important national standards such as silk quilt, and achieved fruitful results

in 2013, the silk Standardization Committee will accelerate the research and formulation of the international standard of "electronic testing methods for raw silk"; According to the urgent needs of the industry and enterprises, continue to do a good job in the plan declaration, formulation, revision and approval of the corresponding standards, and do a good job in the formulation and revision of the existing plan projects, and complete the preparation of standards on time and with high quality

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