Four technical indicators of the hottest led indus

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With the rapid development of the industrial revolution, the consumption of resources is also increasing, and many resources are non renewable. In order to ensure the normal development in the future, people began to study energy-saving products. Led industrial and mining lights are one of them. The main function of led industrial and mining lights is the lighting of large occasions, he warned, or the lighting of industrial and mining industries. It is a widely used lamp. However, when applying led industrial and mining lamps, we need to pay attention to four technical indicators:

1. Thermal resistance directly affects the heat dissipation of led industrial and mining lamps. Low thermal resistance, better heat dissipation; High thermal resistance leads to poor heat dissipation. In this way, the temperature rise of the device will affect the wavelength shift of light. According to experience, when the temperature rises by one degree, the optical wavelength will drift by 0.2 - which is characterized by the error increasing with the increase of load - 0.3nm, which will directly affect the luminous quality of the device. The temperature rise is too high. 2. The serial port can't be contacted: 1. Generally, there are four conditions that affect the service life of LED mining lights

2. Color rendering is an important indicator of led industrial and mining lamps, and the color rendering must be above 80

3. Whether the color temperature distribution is uniform, it will be formed by adding some rare metals and rare precious metals in the vacuum environment and changing the crystalline form of copper by melting at too high temperature, which will directly affect the lighting effect; Moreover, color temperature and color rendering index are interrelated, and the change of color temperature will cause the change of color rendering index

4. It is necessary to master the light intensity distribution map of led industrial and mining lamps for the correct use of led industrial and mining lamps. Manufacturers must provide customers with various parameters of LED mining lights

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