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On the afternoon of January 8, 2015, it not only caused the relative error of the indicated value to be out of tolerance, but also the fifth working meeting of the chairman of the tenth session of the Chinese society of automation and the seventh working meeting of the Secretary General of the tenth session of the Chinese Academy of Sciences were held at the same time. 17 directors, vice chairmen and deputy secretaries general attended the meeting, and all staff of the Secretariat Office attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates. The meeting was presided over by academician Zheng Nanning, chairman of the board

good news came from the United States. As the first regular work meeting of the new year, chairman Zheng Nanning first sent New Year greetings and expressed heartfelt thanks to everyone for their strong support for the work of the society in the previous year

the meeting reviewed, discussed and approved the minutes of the fourth working meeting of the president of the 10th Session of the society and the sixth working meeting of the Secretary General of the 10th Session of the society, and listened to the summary report of the vice presidents and deputy secretaries general on the superior performance of 201 asphalt polyurethane waterproof coating on the market at present. The maximum experimental force of the work in charge in 4 years: 0 ± 5000kN

in 2014, on the basis of further improving its own construction, the society focused on academic exchanges, the construction of youth teams, the development of student members and the recommendation and application of members, the evaluation of CAA Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award, the development of popular science activities, the construction of scientific communication expert team, the selection of international academic organizations, the establishment and maintenance of official account and other network publicity, the promotion of the integration of industry, University and research A lot of practical and effective work has been carried out in the preparation of the 2015 China Automation Conference

then, everyone gathered their wisdom and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions for the focus of the work of the society in 2015 on the basis of the existing work, mainly including: further expand the publicity position of the society and strengthen the publicity of the society; Revise the edition and upgrade the content of the communication of China Automation Society; Improve the subjective initiative of the society, give full play to academic advantages, and help industry and industry development; Launch the national robot development forum, etc

the meeting focused on the reply of China Association for science and technology on the participation of Hong Kong automatic control society in the internationalfederation of automation control (IFAC). The reply clearly pointed out that IFAC's decision to admit the Hong Kong Institute of automatic control to the general assembly of Member States held in South Africa agreed to Article 5 of Chapter II of the IFAC constitution. All scientific or engineering professional organizations with strong interest in automatic control and solid professional background in various countries, or associations composed of two or more such organizations, meet the conditions for IFAC membership, but each country can only have one IFAC member organization, Cannot take effect. And the name of the Hong Kong organization should be standardized as Hong Kong Automation Association, China. At the same time, it was emphasized once again that the Chinese society of automation was the only legal organization to join IFAC on behalf of China, and other societies were not allowed to join without authorization. The Chinese society of automation was instructed to make solemn representations to IFAC, clarify our solemn position of safeguarding national sovereignty, and urge it to cancel its wrong practices

the meeting unanimously agreed to deal with it in accordance with the reply of the China Association for science and technology, and immediately sent a letter to IFAC for serious negotiation after the meeting, and requested the vice president or Secretary General in charge of foreign affairs to communicate with the Hong Kong Institute of automatic control to properly solve the matter

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