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Intel president Barrett's 10th visit to China is directed to the Northeast

Intel president Barrett's 10th visit to China is directed to the Northeast

Sina Technology News Intel president Barrett will visit China on April 17, which is his 10th visit to China. An important part of his trip is to visit the local government and customers in Shenyang, Northeast China. In addition, the trip to Chengdu will also be an important item in Barrett's agenda. He will participate in the foundation ceremony of Intel's second chip testing and packaging plant in Chengdu

Barrett visits China almost every year. Ms. Liu Jie, the public relations director of Intel China, explained why she specially arranged a visit to northeast Shenyang during Barrett's trip: "The current government has put forward the national policy of revitalizing the northeast. Intel

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China hopes that Barrett can more directly understand why the government has introduced such a policy, which will be more conducive to Intel headquarters to formulate a working environment that is more suitable for the company and more suitable for China. 1. The working environment that pays attention to cleaning experiments at ordinary times is suitable for China The development strategy of the local market. " Therefore, seeing is better than hearing. Going to the Northeast has become the most direct means for Barrett to understand the changes in China

Liu Jie said that Intel's global development strategy has something in common with the development strategy of the Chinese government to some extent, that is, pay attention to the balanced development of regional markets. In the course of several years' development, Intel has found that the rapid growth of the company cannot rely solely on mature markets such as the United States, and the fastest-growing markets are Asia and Latin America. The Chinese government also noted that after the rapid growth of the sea along the required comprehensive performance stage (1970-1979), and after the development of the northwest, the revitalization of the Northeast will make the regional economic development more balanced. Barrett will also meet with Neusoft, Intel's customer in Northeast China. Liu Jie explained that this is to let Barrett understand the needs of local customers, because Intel's success is based on the success of the industrial chain

Intel pays great attention to the changes in China's policy environment. Under the macro policy of developing the northwest, Barrett visited the government and local customers in Chengdu during his visit to China last year, and decided to invest in the construction of Intel's second chip testing and packaging plant in China. "This groundbreaking ceremony is the first milestone of this investment project, which shows that Intel's development and investment in China are advancing as planned." Liu Jie said. (Wen Yunjuan/Wen)

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