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Analysis of the shift of solar photovoltaic cells to China

Panasonic announced on the 17th that it was planning to put solar photovoltaic cells into the Chinese photovoltaic market. Sony, Samsung and other companies with about 300 employees have also released similar investment plans

Panasonic said that the proportion of consumer electronics business in the overall business will decline in the future. After Panasonic's acquisition of Sanyo Electric, it will give full play to Sanyo's advantages in the field of solar energy and lithium batteries, gradually expand the proportion of green products in sales, and is expected to achieve the target of 30% of sales by 2018, and put solar photovoltaic cells into the Chinese photovoltaic market as soon as possible. This is the latest action of Panasonic's business transformation in China after the acquisition of Sanyo Electric. Swing angle

recently, Japan officially implemented the renewable energy purchase system, requiring power companies to purchase electricity from enterprises that use solar, wind and geothermal energy to generate electricity at the price set by the government within a specified period of time. According to the regulations of the Japanese government, the purchase price of solar power is 42 yen/kWh

source: Sinochem

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