The 10th sea trial of the hottest Chinese aircraft

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At 15:35 on August 27, after nearly a month of rest, the Chinese aircraft carrier platform sailed out of the berthing dock in Dalian, Liaoning Province, and began the tenth sea trial. This sea trial, the aircraft carrier platform will meet the baptism of Typhoon "bulawan"

during the rest period of the aircraft carrier platform, he went to the wharf many times to watch: on the spacious flight deck, the flame baffle was in an upright state, and the radar was constantly rotating; The tractor shuttles on the deck, and the prototype of the carrier aircraft is constantly adjusted on the front and rear decks. In the evening, the elevator was put into use, and the localization of high-end graphite was realized. These seemingly huge machines were all "stuffed" into the "belly" of the aircraft carrier platform

when I arrived at the dock again on the 27th, I saw that the flame shield had been put down, the equipment on the deck was neat and uniform, and the queue of people getting on and off the aircraft carrier was also neat and orderly. Unlike in the past, 12 chords are arranged on the port side of the aircraft carrier platform from the bow back, while only two chords are arranged on the starboard bow

from 13:30 on the 27th, five tugs successively docked on the port side and stern of the aircraft carrier platform; At 14:30, the radar began to rotate; At 15:10, the ship raised the national flag and colored flag, and the gangway began to evacuate; At 15:15, the main engine began to roar; At 15:20, the front cable was retracted. At 15:35, with a long whistle, the aircraft carrier platform was surrounded by the tugs. After nearly 40 minutes of "turning around", it bid farewell to the tugs and sailed to the sea

"88" personnel supply ship was still docked at the dock and did not sail together. The previous farewell ceremony before the sea trial was also cancelled this time, which shows that the sea trial of the aircraft carrier platform has entered the normalization

Liaoning Maritime Safety Administration issued a navigation warning on the same day, saying that it would carry out military missions in the relevant waters north of the Bohai Sea in the near future. Subsequently, a navigation warning was issued that there were military missions in the waters related to the LaoTieShan waterway of riqianxia in the Bohai Sea that day, and no vessels were allowed to enter the waters

"Varyag" China Road on August 10, 2011, according to the progress of the reconstruction project, our aircraft carrier platform carried out sea trials. According to the test plan, the first sea trial time will not be too long, and the refitting and testing work will continue in the shipyard after return. From the official arrival of the "Varyag" aircraft carrier in Dalian, China, on March 3, 2002, and its docking at the dock in the west of the inner port of Dalian, to the official trial today, it has taken a total of 9 years, 5 months and 7 days, a total of 3447 days. After arriving in China, the "Varyag" aircraft carrier began the reconstruction work. Until the end of 2008, China's Ministry of defense began to disclose relevant information about the aircraft carrier, making China's first aircraft carrier a hot topic in recent years. ● warm up on December 23, 2008, at a press conference held by the Ministry of national defense on the PLA Navy's escort to the Gulf of Aden and other waters, Colonel Huang Xueping, then spokesman of the Ministry of national defense, said that aircraft carriers are a manifestation of a country's comprehensive national strength and also a specific requirement of a country's navy strength. China has a vast sea territory. It is the sacred duty of China's armed forces to safeguard the security of the country's main maritime directions and safeguard China's sovereignty over its territorial waters and the rights and interests of its sea territory. The Chinese government will carefully study and consider relevant issues in light of various factors. ● warming up on March 20, 2009, Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Liang Guanglie met with Japanese Defense Minister Yasuhiro Hamada and said that only China, which has no aircraft carrier, has no upper left of the aircraft base with the panel control system and electrical control system of the experimental aircraft, and China cannot never have an aircraft carrier. Liang Guanglie said that China has a vast maritime territory and has a great defense; The Chinese navy is weak and needs to be developed, emphasizing the necessity of having an aircraft carrier. He also pointed out that various factors of spray foaming process for industrialization must be considered when building aircraft carriers. ● speed up on July 11, 2011, General Chen Bingde, member of the Central Military Commission and chief of the general staff of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, held a meeting with Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff of the United States Army, at the August 1st building. At the meeting, he asked questions about the construction of Chinese aircraft carriers. Chen Bingde replied that it is also valuable for China to introduce a waste aircraft carrier from Ukraine and study it on this basis. As for how many aircraft carriers it will build, it has not been decided yet. ● released on July 27th, 2011, at the regular meeting of the Ministry of national defense, Ministry of National Defense spokesman gengyansheng said that the relevant Chinese departments were seriously studying the development of aircraft carriers by comprehensively considering various factors. It is very complicated to build an aircraft carrier. China is currently using an old aircraft carrier platform to transform it for scientific research, testing and training. At present, the specific time of the sea test of the modified aircraft carrier should be determined according to the progress of the whole reconstruction project. The talent construction of aircraft carrier is an important work of the whole aircraft carrier construction. We are mainly relying on our own strength to train carrier aircraft pilots

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