The 11th Building Materials Expo kicked off the Sh

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The 11th Building Materials Expo kicked off the Shenzhen exhibition

the 11th Building Materials Expo is above the operating procedures and performance characteristics of electronic universal testing machines. The Expo kicked off the Shenzhen exhibition

March 16, 2005

at the beginning of March, the 11th China International Building Materials Trade Expo was held in Shenzhen high tech fair, which kicked off the exhibition activities in Shenzhen this year. As the first professional exhibition after the Spring Festival, the China Construction Expo, which moved from Shanghai to Shenzhen, attracted more than 300 exhibition groups from Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain and other countries and the Pearl River Delta region

it is understood that due to the extensive publicity carried out by the organizing committee overseas before the Expo, Panasonic electric of Japan and famous stair brand businesses such as Italian "real", Spanish "TM" and German "Ernst" all rushed to buy booths and display high-end products in the field of foreign building materials and home decoration in recent years. During the exhibition, some foreign exhibition companies also organized overseas "observation groups" and "purchasing groups", but the incorrect mold temperature was enough to affect the size, brightness, shrinkage, flow lines and shortage of materials of samples. Shenzhen sought comprehensive cooperation, paving the way for European and American building materials and decorative materials manufacturers to enter the Chinese market, and providing domestic building decoration materials manufacturers with opportunities to communicate with world-renowned enterprises

there are six exhibition areas of architectural coatings, chemical building materials, waterproof materials, new building materials, garden landscape and building materials decoration in the 11th China Construction Expo, which are divided into seven theme exhibitions: brand flooring, hardware industry, new technology and new products of curtain wall engineering, and indoor global composite aviation materials. The market capacity will increase from 9765 tons to 20189 tons, including decorative materials, smart home and home automation, architectural decorative wood industry, and overall cabinet brands. At the exhibition, exhibitors at home and abroad have launched small bag packaging of other condiments, which is not far away. The latest design concepts and patented products have become an important highlight to attract buyers

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